Do I have to sign a contract?

We believe in giving you the freedom & flexibility to use of services without any contracts and commitments; therefore, you do not have to sign a contract to use our prepaid service. However, we suggest you read our terms and conditions.

How to activate my SIM card?

Activating your SIM card is easy. Just call or WhatsApp the helpline number +91 8939446699 or email to support@lycamobileindia.com

I have forgotten my PIN / PUK code. Where can I find it?

Your PUK code is displayed on the SIM card holder that came in your starter pack. If you have already registered and have an account, you can find your PUK code displayed there.

Where can I find my Mobile number?

In most cases the number will be printed on the sim card. If not then please contact the helpline and they will assist you. You will get the mobile number after the plan activations for few countries such as , USA, Mexico, Canada, Australia etc..

Are there any monthly or hidden charges?

We not believe in hidden charges. Every price you see on our website is what you’ll pay.

How do I contact someone if I have a problem?

For any problems with  services, please visit our Contact us page for alternative ways of contacting us.

How can I stop receiving unwanted texts or spam?

Unfortunately, we are unable to prevent you from receiving these unwanted messages, unless you want to ban all text messages.

Why is there a flashing envelope on my cell?

The flashing envelope indicates your text memory is full. This will usually prevent you from receiving more text messages until you have deleted a few old ones.

How do I make an international call?

When it comes to making international calls, SIM in the same way as other mobiles or landlines. Simply dial the country code you are calling, then the area code without the first 0 and then the phone number and press the call button. Please note that most premium voice and text services in other countries cannot be reached from a cell phone service when calling from outside that country.

Which mobile handsets can I use?

You can use any handset that is compatible with internationally recognised GSM standards. Today, all major manufacturers follow GSM standards. If you are still unsure about your handset, please call our Customer Service

My SIM card is lost/ stolen. How do I prevent someone else from using it?

Please contact Customer Service at 1-866-277-3221 as quickly as possible and one of our advisors will help you.

Can I send premium SMS and make premium calls?

 No. At present, we do not offer Premium SMS or Premium Calling services as part of our product offering.

I have not used my number for a while and it has now stopped working. Why is this?

please call our Customer Service

Do you offer 5G / 4G HSPA +

Yes, plan may vary according to the countries.

What different plans do you offer?

We currently only offers Prepaid services and does not have any postpaid plans. However, you can use our auto recharge feature to automate the process of adding credit to your account so that your plan gets renewed every month on its own and you never run out of minutes to connect with your loved ones.

Does we charge taxes on my order?

All charges are inclusive of tax. However, there may be sales and other taxes (as required by the state) and are charged by the retailer where you purchase products. There may also be various federal and state fees that we must collect or must pay as part of regulatory requirements.

Is this website accessible?

We are committed to diversity and inclusion and has implemented the Accessibe plugin to ensure that everyone who visits our website can fully and independently understand, navigate, and interact with technology functions and features easily and effectively. Just click on the Accessibe icon at the bottom left of your screen to get started. We also urge you to learn more about optimizing your technology by visiting these third party sites that match the operating system or device you use:Microsoft users; Apple users; Android users; and Ability Net My Computer My Way (for a general guide to optimizing your computer’s accessibility features and functionality).