About Us

Founded in 2006

We have a solution for those who want to connect back home. Providing low-cost high-quality international SIM to over 15 million customers across the world. We sheer span, focus on customer service and innovative business strategy has seen it outgrow its competitor set; achieving greater coverage of the European population than any other network operator.

Global Brand

A Mobile Virtual Network Operator initially developed for the expatriate communities in Europe, We ave fast become a global brand in the USA (United States of America), and UK (United Kingdom) synonymous with connecting customers with their loved ones across oceans, borders and networks at the cheapest possible price.


Become the largest MVNO in the world.
Grow to over 50 million customers by 2020.

Low-Cost International SIM Cards

In the thirteen years since the business was founded, our objective and strategy were simple and unyielding: we wanted to become the largest low-cost international sim card provider by geography in the world and we have achieved that. We are now the largest low-cost international sim provider by geography in the world, for example providing International USA Sim Cards, International UK Sim Cards, and International Europe Sim Cards as we are the best international sim card providers in India. But we won’t stop there.

Wide Coverage

Over the past 18 months we have invested heavily in expanding our geographical coverage. The addition of Germany to our portfolio in 2012 ensured that we have greater coverage of the European market than any other mobile operator. Launching our international sim network in Austria, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Polland, Switzerland, and Romania, served to embed our footprint across Europe and avail the service to over 90 per cent of the EU population.

In 2013 We launched in March as the country’s first full MVNO, operational in 18 countries with plans to expand this to 25 countries in 18 months.